4 Places In The World Where Weed Is Tolerated Or Legal

When planning a camping trip with friends in Colorado, it is easy to forget to pack some of the most essential items. However, when surfing the net, campers can obtain a helpful checklist of items they may need to pack. Since camping grounds are usually located far away from civilization, it is important to ensure that all must-have camping items have been successfully packed from the get go. The following is a list of the top 5 things to bring on a weekend camping trip in Colorado.

A Cooler Filled With Goods

Depending on the number of days a group is going to be camping, packing a sufficient amount of food and cold beverages is essential. Campers can benefit from communicating together and choosing which meals they are going to be cooking on their weekend getaway. Traditional camping meals often revolve around hot dogs, hamburgers, chili, steaks, and cold sandwiches. In order to cook most of these meals, campers will need to supply themselves with a portable barbecue or grill. Since a campfire is needed on every successful camping trip, campers should ensure that they have enough butane gas, matches, wood, and fire starters to last the entirety of their trip.

A Comfortable Camping Chair

While there are some people who content themselves with lying down on the ground and staring up at the beautiful night sky, there are others who absolutely need to sit their camping chairs. Since campers spend a sufficient amount of time sitting around a fire when camping, it is important for them to bring a comfortable camping chair and warm clothing on their trip.

Camping Necessities

There are many items that a camper can pack for their weekend camping trip, however, these are often considered as obvious. The following is a small list of camping essentials.

* Flashlight

* Sleeping bag

* Bug repellant

* A tent

* Warm clothing

* A change of clothes

* Umbrellas and impermeables

* Suntan lotion

Alcohol and Recreational Drugs

When going on a camping trip in Colorado, most groups choose to bring a good amount of alcohol and recreational drugs with them. Since weed is legal in Boulder, those who choose to camp there do not hesitate to buy some weed and edibles for their weekend camping trips. Bringing a sufficient amount of weed to a camping site in Boulder is going to be most beneficial, as being stoned while gazing into the fire and enjoying quality time with nature is a sure way to relax and enjoy the moment.

A First Aid Kit

While a first click here aid kit is probably one of the most important things to bring on a camping trip, a lot of people tend to leave it behind. Supplying a camping site with a first aid kit is highly important in case of an emergency.

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